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Back to School News (and Encouragement)

David SuddethComment

Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing summer filled with travel and adventure. We had fun going to our favorite music city in the world - New York City. If you love music, then I would highly recommend going if you haven't been. A lot of the festivals are free and there is live music on every street corner. You need to go!

Summer was fun, but back to school means back to the piano for me, and I'm sure you feel the same way about your instrument. I'm READY! I miss the piano and want to hop back into my own projects as well as my students' projects.

Most importantly, do you feel that way about your music? Right now, you may be dragging your feet about going back to school, but think about your instrument for a minute. If you're having the same dread about jumping back in with your instrument, then something's off and you may need someone to help you make an adjustment. It's probably a small adjustment that can be fixed in ten minutes, but you need someone else to look at and listen to what you are doing. Come back and talk to us about it. We've had to overcome the same hurdles and can offer our experience to get you moving on.

For those of you that are in school music programs, your band and orchestra directors are incredible here in Cherokee County. We as parents, are so fortunate to have them here available to our students! You can be confident that your student's music education is going to be top notch. However, this needs to be supplemented with private instruction to properly set them up for success. Remember that there are probably 25 or more students in there, so your student is getting 1/25th of your director's focus. That's not enough when it comes to a subject matter with this much detail. They will tell you that and so will we. Our team knows your band directors and some are even working with them in your schools. Music is such an individual thing. We want to focus on your student, so that they can feel the way we do about music.

Lastly, if your student is thinking about starting a new band or orchestra instrument, consider renting one for a little while before you buy. Did you know that many of the instruments here cost as little as $5.00 for the first two months? We want you to love your instrument so we are going to give you time to settle in with it.

I look forward to the school year and watching the new marching band shows. I'm excited to see the returning students who come in and eagerly tell me what their drum line is doing this year. All of my little ones starting piano for the first time to line up with their school work. Love you all and cheers to a FANTASTIC school year! 

Love, Camilla