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Piano Students Greatest Hits - Part 1 Written By Owner, Kevin Sanders

David SuddethComment

When you spend 20+ years teaching, you encounter a lot of kids who are unintentionally funny. I thought I'd start sharing a few stories with anyone who would care to read them. I might be the only one who thinks they're amusing, but hopefully some of you will get a chuckle from them as well. We'll start with a little five year old girl named "Sophia" (names have been changed to protect the humorous.)
Sophia was five. Her family had immigrated from the Middle East. I believe they were Jordanian, but I might be wrong about that. She had been born in the US, but her family still spoke their native language at home, and this resulted in one of the most adorable accents I've ever heard. You had to meet her in person to really understand her personality. It was like Zsa Zsa Gabor trapped in the body of a young, Middle Eastern girl. Here are some snippets.

1. One day the conversation somehow managed to get onto the topic of boys.
Sophia: Yes, it is true that in my class at school, I do know a few boys.
Me: Ah. Well, are they nice?
Sophia: Oh, I don't know. I don't think about it much.
Me: You don't?
Sophia: No. You see, I don't really like the boys, but there are a lot of boys in the world, and I know that one day one of them will probably want to talk to me. 
Me: Oh. Do you plan on talking back to him?
Sophia: No. I plan on hitting him with my purse. 
Me: You're going to hit him with your purse?
Sophia: Mmm-hmm. I think if I do it one time, then all the other boys will understand.
Me: Good luck with that.
Sophia: Thank you.

2. At one point Sophia's parents bought a house.
Sophia: We are moving soon! Everything is in boxes. I have already packed all my toys.
Me: (jokingly) That's exciting! Did you help move all the furniture?
Sophia: What? Oh, no, no, no. I have people for that.

3. One day we were finishing Sophia's last lesson before the December holidays.
Me: So, Sophia, do you think Santa Clause is going to bring you some good presents?
Sophia: Nah. There is no Santa Clause. (I look up at her dad, surprised that a child so young has already decided that there is no Santa. Her dad looks at me, shrugs and nods his head.)
Sophia's Dad: It's true. She has just never believed in Santa Clause. Sophia: That's right! And you know what? Unicorns aren't real either. (Growing more agitated as she speaks) And the Tooth Fairy? He is also not real! And leprechauns are not real! And the Easter Bunny is not real! And that blue water in the toilet?? IT'S JUST CLEANER!!